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Experience home away from home.


Within walking distance from Trongsa town, Yangkhil Resort is the most elegant resort in the historic town of Trongsa. Lush green and colorful gardens, fish ponds, a breathtaking panoramic view of Trongsa Dzong, Taa Dzong, and Mangde Chhu (river), and the view of mountains soaring over 10,000 feet create an unforgettable setting at Yangkhil Resort.

Our Accommodation

Our 21 rooms (standard and dulexes), housed in five different cottages, are spacious and offer all modern amenities. Each room has a balcony that provides a panoramic view of the river valley.

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Enhancing your stay at Yangkhil

Our greatest goal at Yangkhil has always been to constantly improve our services and add new products to ensure our customers have the best experience.

Starting May 2023, our customers would have the access to a banquet hall for events, a brand-new cocktail lounge, a hot-stone bath, and a spa all equipped with a picturesque view of the Trongsa valley. 

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